Lawyers utilise secure video conferencing for exchanges with their clients or peers. But what are the criteria to ensure the security of communications and the data of the individuals involved in legal proceedings?

Confidentiality of video conferencing for lawyers

The confidentiality of communications is the primary criterion for choosing a secure video conferencing tool for lawyers.

Lawyer consultations

When a consultation between a lawyer and their client cannot be held in person, due to personal constraints or time savings, the consultation can be conducted remotely. In this context, it must allow both parties to exchange information easily and confidentially. End-to-end encryption of audio and video communication streams is therefore essential: thanks to this technology, only the participants in the online meeting have access to the exchanges.

Document sharing

In the context of legal proceedings, a lawyer may need to exchange documents with their client or colleagues. The transmission of legal files also requires end-to-end encryption, to prevent any external interception.

Discussions among colleagues and peers

Lawyers also need to exchange information with colleagues, whether on the move or working remotely. They are also led to discuss with other professionals in the justice sector, such as bailiffs or clerks. All these online meetings deal with legal files that also require the highest security.

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Personal data protection

The use of a video conferencing solution also involves the collection and processing of personal data from individuals involved in legal proceedings.

GDPR Compliance

It is crucial for legal professionals to ensure that the integrity of the personal data of individuals involved in legal proceedings is respected. For lawyers, in particular, this corresponds to respecting professional secrecy and the legal process. Therefore, the secure video conferencing tool used to discuss legal cases must be fully GDPR compliant.

Indeed, most video conferencing software hosts their data outside European territory and are then subject to lenient extraterritorial data protection laws. This is the case with the US Cloud Act: this series of extraterritorial laws allows American authorities to compel publishers located on American territory to provide data related to electronic communications, stored on American or foreign servers.

At any time, user data can thus be compromised.

Tixeo responds to CCBE’s questions about secure video conferencing for lawyers

As part of its guidelines on the use of remote working tools, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) has compared the general conditions of frequently used video conferencing tools. This resulted in 6 questions that lawyers should ask themselves before choosing a secure video conferencing solution.

Tixeo, a secure, certified, and ANSSI-approved video conferencing solution, has chosen to respond:

To what extent are the applicable general conditions accessible and transparent?

Tixeo’s general conditions are available on request, depending on the offer concerned. Furthermore, its privacy policy, which concerns clients and users of the solution, is available on its website.

Who is responsible for data processing?

Depending on the cloud video conferencing offer chosen, Tixeo is either the data controller or processes personal data on behalf of its clients. In the context of its on-premise video conferencing offer (TixeoServer), the clients are responsible for processing the personal data of their users.

Where is the data stored?

All personal data collected and processed by Tixeo is hosted in France. Its secure cloud video conferencing offer benefits from ANSSI-certified SecNumCloud hosting.

To what extent do platform providers sell or share personal data?

Tixeo never sells or transfers personal data to a third country, except to Switzerland, which benefits from an adequacy decision. Data can therefore be transferred to our partner Ubcom in Switzerland, only with the explicit consent of the concerned individual.

What surveillance might the data held by cloud platform providers be exposed to?

None. Indeed, user data benefits from the protection of French hosts, committed to data security, GDPR compliant, and SecNumCloud certified.

What is the technical security level of the video conferencing platform?

Tixeo is the most secure video conferencing solution on the European market. Designed according to a Secure by design approach, it integrates security at every stage of its design to its deployment in organisations. Its proprietary end-to-end encryption technology ensures total confidentiality of exchanges, regardless of the number of participants in the online meeting. Lastly, Tixeo is 100% GDPR compliant.

Organisations in sensitive sectors such as defence, industry, or justice now trust Tixeo for their confidential communications.

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