An on-premise video conferencing software enhances communication security and data control.

Definition of an on-premise video conferencing

An on-premise video conferencing software refers to an audio and video communication solution deployed and hosted on an organization’s internal infrastructures. This implies the installation and maintenance of physical or virtual servers, LAN/WAN networks, server applications for recording video conferences, or integration with other internal systems (emails, SSO, calendar, etc.) The organization ensures the security of the solution’s deployment, as well as the management of access and updates.

What purposes does it serve?

An on-premise software meets a strong need for data security and communication flow security. This usually concerns Essential Service Operators or Important Services Operators or other organizations operating in sensitive sectors, subject to high levels of cybersecurity.

Three main requirements infrastructure

The organization must acquire, install, and maintain the necessary infrastructure for deploying the on-premise software. This is typically located in an internal data center or a dedicated technical room.


Deploying on-premise video conferencing software requires thorough planning of network connectivity to ensure high service quality. This includes bandwidth management, Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize video conferencing traffic on corporate networks, and Network Address Translation/Firewall configuration.

Management and maintenance

To ensure their performance, on-premise solutions require continuous monitoring, both for system surveillance and for server and software maintenance. The security and confidentiality of data in video conferencing must be preserved.

Benefits of on-premise video conferencing software

Technological Independence

By choosing an on-premise video conferencing software, the organization limits its technological dependence on external providers. This improves control over its security policy. This independence provided by the on-premise version also strengthens the companies’ sovereignty, as opposed to choosing a foreign solution hosted in the cloud, therefore subject to extraterritorial data protection laws.

Maximum Security

The company has total control over its on-premise solution, being deployed on a dedicated network and configured by itself. This limits security breach risks and increases reactivity. In case of issues, the internal teams are familiar with the infrastructure and can act more swiftly.

Business Continuity

In a crisis, the on-premise version of video conferencing software allows out-of-band communications, thus ensuring organizations’ business continuity. Indeed, when the general communication solution is down, using an on-premise and end-to-end encrypted software becomes essential. In compliance with the NIS 2 directive, using an emergency communication tool is mandatory for many organizations.

Tixeo offers a secure video conferencing solution, certified and qualified by ANSSI. Its end-to-end encryption, from client to client, prevents any interception of audio, video, and data exchanges, regardless of the number of participants in the online meeting. Its on-premise version, with the TixeoServer offer, ensures secure deployment without any impact on the network security policy. In a crisis, it also allows an “isolated” mode operation, disconnected from the internet network, to ensure the continuity of internal exchanges and activities. Learn more about TixeoServer

Data Control

With an on-premise video conferencing solution, the company also becomes responsible for the personal data processing of the users. It thus retains full control of the data and does not have to rely on subcontractors.


On-premise systems often need to be capable of interoperating with various video conferencing equipment and software platforms, including third-party systems. This may require the use of standard industry protocols, such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) or H.323, and gateways to ensure compatibility.

With the Tixeo Gateway, optionally included in the TixeoServer offer, companies benefit from perfect compatibility with the most common SIP or H.323 hardware devices.

Learn more about TixeoServer

In summary, on-premise video conferencing software offers the most demanding and sensitive organizations complete control and advanced customization of their video conferencing system, while ensuring agility and cyber-resilience.