If teleworking or hybrid working has become part of your daily work life, it is essential to have the right equipment to interact easily during your video conferences.

Here are the essential equipment for your video conferences

A large screen and appropriate brightness

The computer, whether fixed or portable, should have a large enough screen to improve your visual comfort. When teleworking, it is often advisable to have two screens: your laptop screen, which can be carried around, and a fixed screen. This not only improves comfort and productivity, but also reduces eye strain, which occurs when working with a small screen.

Some computer screens also have a brightness that adapts to the ambient light, which is recommended to protect your vision. In addition, to protect the eyes, screen filters or blue light glasses are recommended for teleworkers.

A high-resolution webcam

This is one of the first pieces of equipment you should think about for video conferences. In order to be seen well by the other person, and thus recreate as much as possible the conditions of a face-to-face exchange, three characteristics must be taken into account.

  • Firstly, the webcam must have a minimum resolution of 720p, or even 1080p (full HD) or 4K for impeccable image quality.
  • In addition, some professional webcams offer interesting options such as adaptation to ambient lighting or the ability to keep a focus on the person, even when moving.
  • Finally, a high-resolution webcam can use a lot of bandwidth. For a teleworker with an average Internet connection, this can be disturbing. Some devices have the ability to automatically adapt the image resolution to the available connection, so that there are no interruptions.

A noise-cancelling microphone

Often, the computer’s microphone is not optimal for being heard. In this case, external microphones are needed.

There are various models available, such as USB microphones that can be placed on the desk, but headsets are probably the most practical for remote work. They can be taken anywhere and, above all, they generally have noise reduction capability. This is an interesting feature, especially for teleworkers in coworking spaces. The headset also allows you to feel more isolated during a conversation.

A headset with good battery life

If you choose a headset for your video conferences, you should consider the ergonomics of the model so that it is as comfortable as possible. In fact, when teleworking, the headset is worn for many hours and should not cause head or ear pain. We recommend models with an autonomy of up to 18 hours of conversation and up to 20 hours of listening.

Speakers for quality sound

If you’re not a headset fan, speakers are still essential for better sound quality than your computer. They also allow you to set the volume higher than the computer’s speakers, which are often insufficient during online meetings.

What if you equipped your meeting rooms for video conferencing?

Have your company’s employees switched to hybrid mode? The meeting rooms on your premises must be equipped so that your teams, whether face-to-face or remote, can exchange information via video conferencing.

Video touch compact: a secure and efficient hardware for your online meetings

Tixeo offers the VideoTouch compact with TixeoRoom. This secure video conferencing kit offers the necessary equipment for an optimal video and audio quality.

The offer is suitable for medium-sized meeting rooms.

The VideoTouch compact is suitable for meeting rooms with up to 10 people and includes a high-resolution touchscreen console with integrated audio system and a full HD (1080p) PTZ motorised camera.

For meeting rooms with more people (10 to 15), the VideoTouch compact group also offers a high-resolution touchscreen console and a Full HD (1080p) PTZ camera. It also features a speakerphone (microphone speaker) with advanced noise suppression and echo cancellation.

The “Multi screen touch control” feature of the kit’s touchscreen console makes it easy to manage multiple screens during a presentation. The result is a smoother presentation during online meetings.